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Consumer Lighting

About Us

About us

Our Lighting Products demonstrates how an everyday object can become a work of Art.

At EcoEarth we have fully embraced the possibility of Led lighting. It has taken hundreds of man hours and some of the brightest minds in the industry to design and develop a new range of lighting products that truly harnesses the technology. The products are designed and manufactured inhouse by the group companies with the idea to be cost effective and look aesthetically crafted.

The result simply shines with beauty and Energy – bright light, streaming through aesthetic, energy efficient structures; products fabricated with deep conviction to meet the most stringent lighting standard.

More than this, we have carefully made our LED lighting designed in a way that they complement their surrounding making all kind of environment safer, more salubrious and sustainable. Our products are already enhancing cities, car parks, industries, hotels and homes, improving the quality of life of millions of people around the world.

We use Energy responsibly and intelligently. Our Advanced Led Systems give you more light for less energy consumed, saving Carbon and Cost. They are built to last a life span greater than 50000 hrs.

They stay cool so they are safer in public spaces and don't emit harmful infrared or ultraviolet rays. We have worked on some ingenious new ways of directing light exactly where it is wanted with minimum glare or overspill.

We have taken our design cues from universe and that is reflected in elegant flowing lines, redefined finishing and the material used in our light systems. Our Sleek luminaries are a work of art and objects of desire in their own right.

We have categorized our LED products with a dedicated name given to each one of them, and each product is worked upon to make better every year with new versions upgrading the previous ones. Each EcoEarth packaging follows a color code dedicated to a particular wattage so that it is easily recognized.

The EcoEarth Advantage

We are not just about product supply, we have the expertise and enthusiasm to help our clients with design and planning all the way to the installation of LED products. We can help with you with this novel technology and guide you through which products are right for you. We calculate payback periods and highlight the cost benefit analysis on LED installations as well.

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